CPPD is one of the UK’s leading humanistic integrative counselling training schools, offering tuition responsive to the needs of each individual student. We value every student’s existing life experiences and skills within our friendly and creative environment. Our courses run in the evening and at weekends, with intakes in Spring as well as Autumn. This provides flexibility for people in employment, or with busy family lives, who want to train in counselling.

Accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), CPPD is fully committed to promoting the highest professional standards in its teaching and clinical practices.

A key part of the CPPD philosophy is to respect and respond to each student as an individual, valuing the experiences and needs of each student, while also being responsive to the learning group as a whole

CPPD training courses are directed by fully qualified, experienced counsellors who each bring their own unique abilities to help students acquire the right skills and attain their goals. In the words of BACP, CPPD “does not produce clones.”

The CPPD commitment to creating an inclusive community of learners is central to our identity and training philosophy, which aims to:

  • create an inclusive  community of learners rather than a place of instruction

  • recognise and honour trainees’ existing life experiences and skills

  • provide a non-discriminatory environment, valuing commonalities and differences

  • reflect the belief that people who work together are stronger, more effective and more resourceful

  • contribute to the dialogue between traditional and innovative approaches to psychological health


CPPD celebrated 20 years of training

Expanded the Diploma course to include training on working with Children & Young People

First Certificate training delivered in Karachi, Pakistan (replaces 2005 ‘Flood’ entry)

CPPD's expansion into brand new premises

BACP accredited the Malta training.  The first training outside of the UK to be accredited by the BACP

CPPD launch the three-year BACP accredited training in Malta

During second intake of diploma training in Pakistan, CPPD and several students volunteered

and travelled to Bagh in Pakistan to help with flood victim support

CPPD began the only accredited humanistic counselling training in Northern Ireland
after being approached by the Trauma Panel following a recommendation by the BACP

CPPD began a professional counselling training for students who are deaf, facilitated in British Sign Language by a deaf tutor

CPPD were asked by drug addiction treatment centre
AAS (Alleviate Addiction Suffering) to visit Karachi to develop awareness on the subject of addiction and child abuse

Counselling training accredited by the BACP

CPPD established under the leadership of Lynne Kaye and Jenny Sandelson


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