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Customer Feedback, Speech Mark ImageCPPD is a magical place and I couldn't have wished for a better course with such supportive tutors.

 "I am so sad that it is over and am not sure what to do with my Tuesday evenings now, CPPD really has become my home".

Claire Pollard – on completion of advanced diploma 2017

Studying at CPPD was a wholesome experience.

"The course material was varied, in depth and stimulating. More importantly though; it took me on a deep emotional journey.  Since so much of the learning was experiential we delved into our own inner world which is so fundamental for our work with people.  The emotional development was more than anything I had envisaged.

Additionally, my tutors were encouraging and supportive.  I felt appreciated as an individual even whilst being part of a group.  
For the three amazing years I spent at CPPD, it was as if I had acquired a new family.
It was a meaningful journey to an exciting and fulfilling career".

Chaya Kuflik

CPPD Integrative training provides an inclusive environment, endorsing an ethos of acknowledging and valuing individuality, rather than seeking to churn out clones.

"The training, whilst challenging, both academically and emotionally, is supported by excellent tutors who engender an environment of trust, respect, curiosity and expression, embedding conditions that we as Counsellors seek to offer our clients.  The content and theories are thorough, and showed me how to believe in the process, empowering me to search and find myself both as an individual and as the now qualified Counsellor that I have become. It has been the most valuable professional and personal training of my life"

Leila Jackson

From the moment I walked through the door at CPPD to begin my Diploma, I felt very welcomed and accepted.

"I felt the tutors at CPPD were extremely supportive and very much helped me on my journey to become a confident qualified counsellor.  I found the whole learning experience to be engaging and well paced, which also fell in line with my own personal development.

I left CPPD feeling confident and ready for my continuing journey as a counsellor.  I also feel that the door I walked through at  CPPD back in October 2012 is still open for me should I ever need any future guidance and I feel I was truly privileged and grateful to have studied at CPPD".

Karon Dillon

My core tutor is Lynne Kaye, and it has been a privilege for me to have her as my teacher.

"I have been a student at CPPD, for two years having done the Self-Development, Certificate and Diploma course. It has been an interesting and an insightful journey for me. In the beginning, I was slightly sceptical about the duration and planning of the course, but now after having done the Diploma, I feel that each course is been planned out perfectly, the time between each module gives the space required to process things. Each course has been structured with a lot of thought, care and effort, from not only the academic point of view, but also keeping in mind the student intake of information and self-process. 

Lynne Kaye has the incredible capacity to hold a group as a group and hold an individual in a group. Her way of teaching has inspired me to learn more and be present, and I have achieved everything that I had hoped for, from these courses. I am seeing clients since the beginning of the diploma course, and I really feel humbled and grateful to be a counsellor, having learned from the best. 
I look forward to the next level of learning at CPPD". 

Shazia Israr

Recently completed an amazing 3-year journey at CPPD.

"A wide range of theories and techniques explained, discussed and worked on in class by experts in their field. Was really helpful sharing live client cases to explore as a group which gave me further support and ideas for my clinical work. This was commented upon by my placement supervisors. I have grown in self-awareness which has enabled me to enhance my own clinical work and develop my website www.talkingsouthlondon.co.uk. Nice clean facilities and plenty of rest breaks.  Thanks CPPD!"

Andrew Goode – Advanced Diploma.

CPPD gives a platform to learn how to be a truly professional counsellor

"The course gives a practical and theoretical foundation which is both academically sound whilst encouraging yet each student to develop their own style. It is mentally and emotionally challenging, designed to be rigorous in ensuring its students develop into competent professionals. 

I felt really well equipped and supported when the time came to first see my clients. Classmates became trusted friends and cheerleaders to each other on the journey and I have made many friends for life".

Jacqui Avanzato

My journey with CPPD has been truly life changing.

"Training to become a counsellor can be challenging, there is so much to learn both theoretically and personally, but at CPPD I have felt completely supported and encouraged all the way through. The care, compassion and attention to detail given by everyone from tutors to the admin team is truly awe inspiring. At CPPD individuality is prized and students complete their training feeling competent and excited about their future. I will always cherish the time I spent at CPPD and would recommend it to anyone interested in training". –

Sara Wolfin

have really valued the training that has been given to me at CPPD.

"At CPPD with each advancing year finding new and exciting ways to engage and help us as students, deepening our knowledge and understanding of integrative theory and practice. They have drawn on a range of tutors who are experts in their areas, providing a detailed overview of many different subjects and specialties within the field. I feel well grounded and confident to begin working in the profession and grateful to have completed my qualification here".

Michelle Manzi

I would recommend CPPD to anyone wishing to venture into the field of counselling.

“I chose to study at CPPD as the Advanced Diploma is BACP accredited. My time spent there was an incredible journey of personal and professional growth. The staff, from admin through to teaching, were very supportive throughout".

Nicholas Jagels Dip, PG Dip MBACP (Former CCPD Student)

I graduated at the end of spring (Jeremy’s class) and have since set up a small but fairly successful private practice in South London (www.counsellingsessionslondon.com).

"Also I’m delighted to let you know that I’m about to start my new job – Team Leader Counsellor at a London drugs and alcohol counselling service. Thanks to CPPD!”

 Mirek Polanowski

Training at CPPD is a life-enhancing experience.

"It can be challenging and demands much of its students but the satisfaction and sense of personal development you get is really rewarding." 

Sharon Breen – Diploma student

have fond memories of my supervision training at CPPD.

"I found the eclectic range of approaches very interesting to compare, and beautifully summarised and integrated into the body of the course by Clare Solloway.  I have now undertaken four trainings to diploma level or above in relation to counselling, and the Diploma in Supervision was by far the most enjoyable and easy to integrate into practice. Since I completed the course I have offered internal individual supervision at an alcohol agency called CASA, now closed, in which I worked as manager of the Older Persons’ Service.

I also offered group supervision to trainee and qualified counsellors and psychotherapists at Age UK –this was particularly interesting as a significant number of our clients had early stage dementia.  I currently offer internal supervision to the staff at University College London Hospital, who work as part of thePsychological and Emotional Care Team.  I feel the training I received at CPPD has stood me in good stead, and has acted as a strong foundation on which to build." –

Mike Fox BSc Hons, Reg MBACP (Snr Accred)- Author of‘Counselling Older People with Alcohol Problems’

Training with CPPD at Certificate and Diploma level has been an absolutely amazing experience for me, which has well and truly lived up to my expectations and more.

"The course content, supervision, and guest speakers have been really valuable and all delivered to a really high standard. In terms of personal growth, it has been an equally challenging and rewarding two years that has positively enhanced my life in many ways. With only one more year to go on the Advanced Diploma I’m keen to get started to further deepen my personal and professional experiences with CPPD"

Sam Pierre-Joseph – Diploma student

The certificate course at CPPD has been a life changing experience for me!

"In many ways it has given me a sense of direction and a new lease on life. When I started a few months ago, I was at crossroads and seeking the much needed self awareness that this course provided me with. I feel enlightened and empowered now to make the right choices in life based on the insight I gained through the course content and supervision.

It feels liberating to be able to make decisions that come from a place of personal freedom and empowerment. I feel blessed to have found so many like minded people on the course who were struggling through their own journey and this space gave us the support and solace in each other under the safe guidance and compassionate tutelage of Lynne.

I have just been offered a job as a Student Counsellor and I’m very excited about embarking on this new career as it will give me the opportunity to utilize my training and skills to help adolescents with recurring teenage problems that have an impact on their personality development, a cause I feel strongly about being a teacher. I would recommend this course to anyone who has a yearning for personal development and a desire to help people discover their inner resources in order to heal and grow."

Hina Shah – Certificate Student on our course in Karachi

I have a very successful private practice just 2 years after qualifying, and I am so grateful to Lynne, Jenny and everyone involved with CPPD. Highly recommended.

"Training at CPPD was a life changing experience for me. When I embarked upon the certificate course, I wasnt even sure if I really wanted to be a counsellor – it was something personal that I needed to do to make sense of my own life experience. What I ended up getting, was both personal and professional inspiration.

Throughout my training, I was able to grow as a person and as a counsellor. All my teachers over the three years were excellent – all very real in themselves as teachers, counsellors and human beings.  Even seeing the grounded nature of each in being so clearly suited to their particular year/syllabus, was a lesson in self esteem itself!

My experience of the philosophy behind the teaching, is that of a balance between learning and holding; high challenge and high support. This for me, is a perfect mirror of the client / counsellor relationship. I feel like I came out of CPPD knowing my 'theory', but more importantly knowing the fundamental importance of the therapeutic relationship".

Caz Binstead (www.counsellingclaphamsw4.co.uk)

To CPPD:  I just wanted to let you know I received my BACP accreditation in the post yesterday and felt it important to say thank you for your input into my learning at CPPD. Without it, I would not have achieved the personal goals that I have achieved. – Many thanks

Jackie Leon

Thanks Lynne, our fairy godmother!

"I was introduced to CPPD after my therapist suggested the self development workshop. It was like being born into a new world where I was held with care and nurtured by all these expert and wise caregivers. It kindled my interest of self awareness and self development. I eventually ended up in the certificate course. The experience of acquiring knowledge had never been so gripping. I witnessed a gradual and profound change in my self as I went along the course. Now at the end of the certificate I find myself both personally and professionally inspired and aiming for the diploma"

Salina Faisal – CPPD Pakistan student


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"We value every student’s existing life experiences and skills within our friendly and creative environment".


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