Important message for Microsoft email users

Notice to Microsoft Mail Users

We are receiving reports of mail silently going undelivered for Microsoft users (MSN, Hotmail, Live etc.). This problem appears both sending and receiving email from these addresses.

This problem may be occurring for a number of reasons connected to Microsoft's security settings, both locally and globally. In the first instance, you can try adding CPPD to your whitelist. For instructions on how to do this in Outlook, please click here.

At the present time, our IP address is recognised by Microsoft and no blocks exist on our IP address. Our IT team is working with Microsoft to investigate potential solutions to this problem. We appreciate users understanding that it is simply out of our control and that we are doing our best to fix it. This is not an uncommon issue for users and businesses using Microsoft email services. Often, users will not spot the problem until an important deadline is missed and they trace the issue back to their email servers.

Until such time as this issue is resolved, we recommend that affected users use a different email provider when contacting CPPD or applying for one of our courses.

We apologise again for the inconvenience and are working hard to correct this as soon as possible.

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