Members of the Diploma Autumn 2017 Tuesday group have some fun!

Trevor Donnelly, Sam Shepherd, David Galindo, John Hutchin & Daran Mehmet had a huge amount of fun on their final weekend of the Diploma and kindly shared their feelings about CPPD: 

"When I first started at CPPD I knew it was the right place for me. The training is truly humanistic to its core and furthermore your not just developing as a counsellor but as a person as well." – Sam Shepherd

"I have really enjoyed my time at CPPD so far. The first year has been a journey of great theoretical understanding, practical use of skills and personal development. I really look forward to continuing my journey in the very capable hands of CPPD" – Daran Mehmet 

"My time at CPPD so far has been incredibly rich and rewarding. The teaching has been stimulating and inspring and as well as developing professional skills I feel I have grown as a person" – John Hutchin

“I can only praise CPPD for facilitating a training programme that helps developing, shaping and consolidating, not only the therapeutic knowledge, but personal growth. The experiential nature of the training has a great impact in understanding the theories, undersanding clinical work, but most importantly, to become more self-aware of our own impact in the way we practice. I cannot remomend CPPD enough, thanks for a great year during my Diploma” – David Galindo

"It has been a pleasure and a privilege to study at CPPD – a time of learning and growth and making friendships that I am sure will last a lifetime" – Trevor Donnelly 

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