Date:May 21, 2015

Diploma in Clinical Supervision

Continuing supervision is now not only a professional requirement which safeguards both practitioner and client it is also essential for good practice.

This is a seven month course comprising one weekend a month which teaches supervision from an Integrative perspective.  The unique feature of it is that we have established a team of external tutors who are all experts in their particular theoretical approach. Perspectives covered are: Gestalt, Transactional Analysis, Person Centred Therapy, Transference and Countertransference and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. This eclectic approach enables participants to have some understanding of theoretical views other than their own and also helps those practitioners who are supervising people from other modalities than their own. In addition, there is a one day seminar looking at ethical issues, including the very present dynamic of increasing numbers of complaints within the profession.

There is a strong emphasis and training in understanding the importance of transferential and counter-transferential issues within the triad of the supervisory process – the supervisor, the supervisee and the client. As well, external tutors give a demonstration of supervision from their theoretical base.  Supervised supervision practice is an integral and core element of the course and students are required to undertake 40 hours of supervision practice in order to qualify. This includes feedback from both tutors and peer members of the group.

This training fulfils all the training requirements for individual supervisor accreditation by BACP. All applicants must be eligible for accreditation with the BACP or an equivalent awarding body.


  • To develop an understanding of the supervisor process.
  • To integrate theory and skills into a working supervisory style.
  • To develop and refine supervisory skills.
  • To develop and enhance the professional identity of the supervisor.
  • To provide a theoretical knowledge base to underpin the supervisory process.



There will be a significant emphasis on course members’ ability to link skills and theory and on the ability to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the supervision process on all levels. There will be ongoing feedback from both tutors and peer participants.

There are two written assignments each between 3000 and 3500 words as well as an audiotape presentation and an analysis of practice competence throughout the course.

One weekend each month — Saturday 9.30am – 5:00pm & Sunday 9:30am – 4:30 pm for 7 months over the year.

2020/2021 COURSE DATES
7 Nov 2020 & 8 Nov 2020
12 Dec 2020 & 13 Dec 2020
9 Jan 2021 & 10 Jan 2021
6 Feb 2021 & 7 Feb 2021
13 Mar 2021 & 14 Mar 2021
24 Apr 2021 & 25 Apr 2021
15 May 2021 & 16 May 2021


  • All applicants must be eligible for accreditation withe BACP or equivalent awarding body
  • All applicants must be at least 2-years post counselling/psychotherapy qualification


Steven Curic, former CPPD student had this to say about the course: "I have to tell you that the course exceeded all my expectations both in terms of the content, tutors and facilities. Claire was fantastic as the main tutor; she was honest and supportive throughout the course and such an inspirational person. Every single guest tutor seemed to be the leader in the field, which got us all very stimulated and increased our passion for the material covered."

He concluded, "Last but not least, I was so impressed with the facilities; the rooms were warm, ventilated and clean, as well as the kitchen and the toilets, which is not something I have encountered a lot in the past at other providers. Coffee and biscuits, as well as the fridge/microwave is again not something I expected and I certainly did not expect everything to be so immaculate and well organised."