Refund Policy

Refund Policy

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As part of contracting with CPPD, students are obliged to meet the total cost of their chosen course in full. Students are not entitled to a refund and remain liable for all outstanding fees.

In exceptional circumstances, and at their discretion, CPPD may offer a partial refund to students who wish to apply for a refund. The process to apply for a refund is as follows:

A student who wishes to be considered for a refund under this policy will need to complete the Request for Refund form. This can be found at or by emailing with the subject line ‘Request for Refund form’. The Request for Refund form must be completed, signed and dated by the student before any official consideration will take place at CPPD. The student should return the completed Request for Refund form by post to Finance Department, CPPD, 1-2 Palace Gates, The Campsbourne, London, N8 7PN.

On receipt of a completed, signed and dated Request for Refund form, CPPD will acknowledge receipt within 7 working days by email.

A meeting will be scheduled to take place no more than 28 days after CPPD acknowledges receipt of the Request for Refund form. If this is not possible, a meeting will be scheduled as soon as is practicable. This meeting will be attended by CPPD’s two Senior Tutors, and/or CPPD’s Courses Coordinator, Finance Coordinator, and the student’s tutor if necessary. Other relevant third-parties may also be asked to attend the meeting (e.g. a student’s supervisor). The individual case will be considered based on the information and supporting evidence provided by the Request for Refund form.

The result of the meeting will be confirmed in writing to the student no more than 5 working days after the meeting has taken place. The decision is final and there is no right to appeal the decision.

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